In trying to develop a name for the website, I kept praying that God would lead me and name it what he wanted it to be called. A friend of mine was talking one day about the parable Jesus discussed in Luke 8:4-15, “The Farmer and the Seed”. In this parable, Jesus discusses different types of soil and how the types of soil can either help the seed grow or keep the seed from reaching its full potential and eventually die out.

     In praying about it over and over, God kept bringing this parable to my attention. Jesus explains to his disciples that “The seed is God’s word”. He also explains that the four types of soil he mentioned are examples of people’s hearts. With regard to God’s word, some hearts are like the footpath, they are hard and will let nothing grow. The second type of heart is like rocky soil. The seed can penetrate it but because the roots of the seed cannot grow deep enough to get nourishment, the seed ends up withering away when troubles come. The third type of soil was where the seed falls among thorns. The thorns represent the cares, riches and pleasures in life that we allow to choke out God’s word and again, the seed withers and dies. The final seed feel in good soil and produced a crop a hundred times as much as had been planted. “The good soil represents honest, good-hearted people who hear God’s word, cling to it, and patiently produce a huge harvest”.

     My goal was to improve my soil. I wanted my heart to change from rocky soil to fertile soil. I wanted God to be able to produce a harvest a hundred times greater than what he planted when he dropped His word on my heart. The name came from God telling me that if I devoted my life to Him, He would help me improve my soil and all I had to do was water the seed when he planted it on my heart.

- Reid Tolar -