WaterTheSeed.com was developed as a tool to help people grow in their relationship with God by spending time in His word daily. My biggest struggle for the longest was setting aside the time to read God’s word. I tried many times, but was never able to follow through. If I got to it, great. If not, no big deal.   

It wasn’t until I was invited to do a daily Bible study with two friends that I was able to make it a priority. We all wanted a better relationship with God, so we decided to hold each other accountable. The plan was simple. We would begin with a book of the Bible and read one chapter per day. Each day we would send a group text, a short journal entry really, about what we read that day and how it applied to us personally. As I read my friends’ posts, it created a healthy peer pressure reminding me that they had done their reading and I needed to do mine or I would be breaking the agreement. Suddenly, I found myself accountable to friends who were there for me, and I didn’t want to disappoint them by dropping the ball.    

Unexpectedly, I was beginning to develop a deeper relationship with God. Spending time in His word daily was cultivating the love for God that Jesus talks about in “The Greatest Commandment”. I was finally beginning to love Christ with all my heart, mind and soul.    

After a few months, I felt God leading me to teach others how to develop their relationship with Christ, so I started leading multiple text messaging groups in hopes that their relationship with God would be as deeply impacted as mine had been.    

I was amazed as the groups took off! Friends of mine were really feeding off of each other as they grew from one another’s insights and were continually reminded to read and post their thoughts. I loved using this tool as a way of fulfilling “The Great Commission”; but I found that having multiple groups was very time consuming, and I had a hard time keeping up with all of the people’s posts.    

Out of this problem, WaterTheSeed.com was born. I wanted a place where all of my groups could be organized, easy to access and journal entries could be categorized, stored, and retrieved quickly.    

My prayer is that WaterTheSeed.com will be a tool you can use in not only in your personal relationship with God but also in discipling others. The plan is simple! What are you waiting for? 


- Reid Tolar -